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Posted by Rawrthaas - April 9th, 2012

My appeal has kind of faded out here on Newgrounds as I've grown into a less-dancey, more relaxed, mature, and introspective style. It also has to do with the fact that I upload so seldomly on here, and since I'm not Paragonx9, uploading tracks every 6 months means a decline in following. Some of you that may be reading this (if even anyone at all is) might be aware that I have another album coming out (see teaser vid below). I just wanted to put this up here on my Newgrounds page if anyone by chance still looks me up on here.

It's a free album and it comes out next month. I've had a ridiculous amount of creativity since my year in Iowa, so there's a lot of fresh material. There's a bit of dnb, bit o' electro, but the overarching theme over every track is a cinematic touch.. by that I mean there's an emotional appeal & story behind each tune.

Edit: It's out.. check it



Year in Iowa huh where did you stay at in Iowa?


That teaser sounds pretty good. Hopefully you pop in when your album is available. I was in alaska over the weekend and it seems silly but i dont think ive ever seen the sun set before, like ive seen photos and stuff but only recently was i able to just sit down and just watch it set. It was pretty inspiring atleast in terms of how out of touch i am with the simplicity of nature.

well i for one am glad to hear you have come back its been a while and i did lose track of you to be honest but its nice to see you back and still fresh

Well, I have loved all your music so far.
I will still look on your profile for more songs every once in a while, just in case...

Free album? Swag! Yes PLZ

Always rockin!


Definitely will be checkin' your old and new albums out.
Great stuff man, Great stuff....

It took me so long to come across this. Glad I remembered, your drum and bass always kicked! I've listened to this a few times now. The image is great, on my monitor it gives off the illusion that it's moving. I'm going to have to do something like that now...

yooooo, please tell me you're still kicking it :c

Hey man, I’m still here. Disheveled, battered, broken but still here lmao

At least you're still here. The tough times can really put things into perspective. I recently put your old tune Indigo Youth onto a mix CD for a friend driving through the country. I believe you were going by Awake at that point. I still love those jams. Great climaxes on that track. Sassy breaks :')